Case study 03-Creating a Positive Impact on Social Issues

Assisting EPCA in devising strategies to curb pollution in Delhi NCR

EPCA [Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority) is a Supreme Court-appointed Monitoring Committee, which is mandated to oversee the implementation of pollution control measures in Delhi NCR. 
Given iValue’s technical expertise and our desire to contribute towards a social cause, we have been associated with EPCA on conceptualizing / execution of various strategies towards combating vehicular pollution in the city.
Our role in the imposition of the Environmental Compensation Charge (in Nov ’15) and conceptualization of a state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) toll collection system for the major Delhi border entry points is particularly noteworthy in this regard.

iValue has worked closely with EPCA in::

Devising strategies to ensure revival of the Western Peripheral Expressway so as to limit the entry of commercial traffic into Delhi NCR
Identifying alternate routes to bypass Delhi till such time that the proposed WPE & EPE are completed
Suggesting measures (including the imposition of "environment compensation charge") which has recently been endorsed by the Hon'ble SC in it's recent ruling and imposed on all commercial traffic entering Delhi
Drafting of comprehensive bid documents for the RFID Project implementation, in close coordination with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and the Government of Delhi